Honeybee Behavior

In nature, bees are most active during the day- that is why bee loads are loaded and unloaded by forklift during dark hours. However, when the bees are in transit during day light hours, venturing out of the hive can be detrimental and deathly to bees. Migratory Bees will stay in their hives when there is air on the load. This keeps them safe from trying to get out of the hive and being killed by a flapping net in the wind. Always keep the truck moving during the day! Load and unload during the night!

Also, honeybees regulate their own hive’s temperature, much like humans. They swarm around in the hive to stay warm and also slow down their activity in periods of high heat to cool down. In transit, the hive temperatures can rise because the hives are packaged very close to each other. The driver should assist in cooling down the bees by watering them when the temperature is above 65 degrees outside.

Daytime stops such as food breaks and rest area breaks should be kept to a strict minimum. Planning meals, bringing a cooler of snacks and food is a good idea and always refuel at night, if possible.